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Washing Machine Repair & Maintenance
Washing machine repair, brings up questions like "do I need a new washer?" or "how much is this going to cost?" or "can I fix it myself?" When your clothes washer develops a problem it could be as simple as changing the detergent you use. We'll tell you why in a moment.
Washing machine repair and today's washers have definitely come a long way from even just 10 years ago. You still have the conventional top load washers, but now you also have the choice of High Efficiency or HE washers.
HE washers now come in both top load washer styles and front load washer style. Which is better, depending on the person, you will get a different answer. We will discuss each style more on this page and we also have other pages of washing machine repair in Los Angeles.
Top Load Washer – Orange County Washing Machine Repair
The conventional top load washer, like your mom's Kenmore, has been around for a long time. They are simple to use and seem to last forever if taken care of. Washing machine repair really has not changed much for these machines, but if you’re unsure call American Appliance Specialists at (866) 445-7987 for Long Beach washing machine Repair.
These machines are not very efficient, but they do seem to be reliable. A couple facts about the conventional washer:

  • Most of these washers take about 30 minutes to complete a normal cycle
  • These washers will use anywhere from 15-50 gallons of water per load depending on load size
  • The top spin speed for these washers are about 500 RPM
  • These machines do not care what type of laundry detergent, bleach, or fabric softner you use
  • Most of these machines are still using mechanical devices, some have a 25 year or more track record. We specialize in old appliance at Pasadena w
  • Maytag washers are no more, they were bought out by Whirlpool in 2006, and the last of the old Maytags were sold by 2007

Both Whirlpool and Maytag did try some early HE top load washers in the early 2000's. Whirlpool made the "wonderful" Calypso washer & Maytag the "great" Neptune. Both did not last long. Technicians hated to see them and washing machine repair took on a whole new meaning. Many even refuse to work on them.
Now, quite a few HE top load washers are being made by Whirlpool, Fisher Paykel, Haire, & Samsung to name a few. These washers are doing well and in many ways compete head to head with the front load washer.
For example, the Whirlpool Cabrio, Kenmore Oasis, & Maytag Bravos are basically the same machine. They only use about 15-20 gallons of water, and the top spin speed is near 1000 RPM. They use all new technology, electronic w/digital read out controls, and a magnetic type motor(kind of looks like a stator & flywheel on a lawnmower engine). Since they are electronic control, they give the user an error code when something is wrong, making washing machine repair in Pasadena a little easier.
These new HE top load washers do have some pitfalls though. To view repair, maintenance, and tips for all types of top load washers click on one of the following two links.
Front Load Washers
Front load washers have actually been around for a long time. Laundromats, commercial cleaners and the people in Europe have been using them for a long time. The front load washer really didn't catch on here in the US until the mid-late 1990's. As far as US sales, Whirlpool used to have most of the sales of the machines. But times have changed; dispite times a’ changing call us for washing machine repair in Woodland Hills.
Maytag, when it first started selling a front loader, actually used a Samsung design. Now everyone is making a front load washer and many more from across the seas. The American giants like Whirlpool, Electrolux/Frigidaire, & GE(actually made in China), are now joined by LG, Samsung, & Bosch to name a few.
A few facts about front loaders:

  • They use anywhere from 15-30 gallons of water per load
  • Average normal load takes at least 60-90 minutes
  • Top spin speed peaks at around 950-1100 RPM
  • They vibrate, and MUST be on a sturdy floor
  • Almost all use new technology with electronic controls and digital readouts & error codes making washing machine repair a little easier
  • They can be very picky, more on this later
  • Must use special detergents

No doubt these front loaders are money savers as far as utility bills. But all the HE washers use less water and the new electronics uses less electricity, thus saving you money. All HE washers also treat your clothes gentler, as we will for washing machine repair in Sherman Oaks. To read more about front load washing machine repair, maintenance, & tips, click the following link.
Conventional Top Load vs HE Top Load vs HE Front Load
Which is best? Depending on who you talk to, you will get a different answer.

  • Price-Conventional top load washer is usually the cheapest
  • Load Duration-Conventional Washer for a normal load is the shortest
  • Ease & Comfort of Use-Many people that I talk to, still prefer a top load washer to a front loader. If a front loader is put on a pedestal, then the ease of use is better, but vibration from the machine is usually more
  • Treatment of Clothing-The new HE washers, both front load and top load treat your clothes better
  • Efficiency-Hands down, both types of HE washers are more efficient then the conventional top load machine. They use less water, less electricity, & spins your clothes almost dry so your dryer doesn't have to work as hard
  • Maintenance Needed-The front load machine needs the most maintenance of all machines, will get into that on the page
  • Special Needs/Requirements-Conventional washers pretty much can use anything. Both HE washers must use HE detergent, which is a low suds detergent. Also, some HE front loaders require the use of HE bleach & HE fabric softner. Washer repair in Los Angeles is the illest.
  • Dependability & Cost of Repair-This is our opinion. The HE machines do not have a long track record compared to conventional top load washers. If you follow the owner's manual, the HE washers are fairly dependable. People who don't are usually the one's that develop problems first and have to call for washing machine repair. Our opinion is still for the conventional top load washer for it's dependability. The HE washers are getting better though. Repair cost are still usually cheaper with the conventional washers

We will get into more details on washer repairs, maintenance, & tips for all the types of washers on the following pages. Just click on one the two following links.